Lamborghini Urus to shoot up sales in India

The launch of Lamborghini Urus Super Sports Utility Vehicle has potential to more than triple the supercar makers annual volumes in India in the coming two to three years says Stefano Domenicali, Automobili Lamborghini Chairman and Chief Executive Officer .
“The launch of Lamborghini Urus has helped us open up to a new set of younger buyers. We expect the share of Super Sports Utility Vehicle in India to higher than other parts of the could be two-thirds versus half we see in other parts of the world,” stated Domenicali.
The growth in India is going to be much faster than global growth and the share of super sports utility vehicles sales is going to be disproportionately higher than the other parts of the world.
“Globally over 60% of our Lamborghini Urus buyers have bought into the brand for the first time, but the share in India is much higher (75-80%). The SUV has opened up access to more number of people in countries like India,” added Domenicali.
Lamborghini which sold 26 super sports car in 2017, may be able to cross a milestone of 100 cars in the coming two to three years. In the next few years, Lamborghini sees its global sales crossing over 7500 cars which is little over double of its existing annual sales.
Lamborghini Urus which was launched late last year is already overbooked for the model globally including in India for 2018 and the company has been able to bring in a lot of new first time buyers in the brand.
The company expects the Super Sports Utility Vehicles to drive the volumes in India but it hopes to sustain the volumes of Super Sports Cars around 25 cars and intends to launch facelifts and lifestyle upgrades of existing cars – Aventador, Gallardo and Huracan in the coming years.