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Nintendo held its fall Indie World Showcase today showing off a number of titles primed to hit the Switch in the coming months (and some even later today). We got to see cozy Indian cooking with Venba, Desta: The Memories Between got its console debut, and the sequel to Golf Story finally got a release window. Here are the highlights from today’s presentation.

Venba — Spring 2023
In Venba, an Indian immigrant family honors the traditions of their homeland by cooking mouthwatering dishes. Throughout the game, you’ll see the story of Venba and her family as they adjust to a new life in Canada in the 1980s. I can’t wait to play and snag some of these recipes for myself.

Goodbye World — November 2022

If you ever wanted to know the trials and tribulations of game development, Goodbye World from Isolation Studio is for you. Follow friends Kanii and Kumade as they work on their in-development retro platformer while juggling the responsibilities of life. Goodbye World launches later this month.

Have a Nice Death — March 22nd, 2023
Write up a killer performance review in roguelike platformer Have a Nice Death. You play as the grim reaper faced with the daunting task of traveling through the twisting corridors of Death Inc., armed with whatever weapons you can find to corral your unruly employees, who’ve skimmed too many souls off the top.

Aka — December 15th, 2023
What happens to the hero after the credits roll? In Aka, you play as a retired warrior building a new, peaceful life on a paradise island from the ground up. There’s even a giant capybara that you can take a nap on!

Pepper Grinder — 2023
Pepper Grinder is a fantastic-looking puzzle platformer from Ahr Ech and Devolver Digital. After thieves steal her precious treasure, Pepper, armed with the drill that will pierce the heavens and whatever else gets in its way, will stop at nothing to get her goodies back.

Coffee Talk Episode 2: Hibiscus & Butterfly — Spring 2023
In news bound to be exciting for The Verge’s Andrew Webster, Coffee Talk will be back next year with episode two, Hibiscus & Butterfly.

Oni: Road To Be The Mightiest Oni — March 9th, 2023
After suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of a famous demon hunter, Kuuta befriends Kazemaru, a friendly spirit. Together — literally as both are controlled simultaneously with a single Joy-Con — the pair will fight demons and collect their souls.

Desta: The Memories Between — 2023
Desta: The Memories Between, the dreamy dodgeball roguelike, is coming to the Switch. The game was one of the highlights of 2022’s Summer Game Fest and highly enjoyable on mobile via Netflix.

A Space for the Unbound — January 19th, 2023
In A Space for the Unbound, childhood sweethearts Raya and Atma use their powers to read the minds and feelings of those around them in 1990s Indonesia. The game made news earlier in the year when the developers at Mojiken Studio accused the game’s publisher, PQube, of manipulation and exploitation around the game’s console publishing rights. It is unknown if the two entities resolved the disagreement.

Dordogne — Spring 2023

Dordogne offers a glimpse of the French countryside with lush, hand-painted watercolor backgrounds. Dordogne is a narrative game in which you will regain the lost memories of your childhood by jumping into the past.

Botany Manor — 2023
I love immersive puzzle games, and Botany Manor looks like it was made for me. In Botany Manor, you must find clues scattered throughout a luscious ancient manor that will help you ensure its many plants survive and thrive.

Once Upon a Jester — Today
Once Upon A Jester combines comedy improv with musical theater. Play as a troupe of hapless bandits who, in order to steal a precious diamond, must put on the best performance ever.

Rogue Legacy 2 — Today
Rogue Legacy 2 is another game that launches on the Switch today. Play as the descendants of an adventurer tasked with completing a perilous dungeon. Each descendant has their own class and affliction, like a colorblind dragonlancer that can only see the game in black and white or an assassin with IBS that causes explosive farts to fill the screen.

Inscryption — December 1st, 2022

Last year’s undisputed game of the year is coming to the Switch. Inscryption is a creepy card game that’s way, way more than meets the eye. Go in knowing nothing, and you’ll have one wild time.

A Little to the Left — Today
A Little to the Left was one of the games I saw at Summer Game Fest that I’ve been dying to play. It’s a sweet, chill collection of short puzzles in which you must order the objects in your house after your mischievous cat upends everything. A lot of puzzles have alternate solutions, encouraging multiple playthroughs to find every one.

Sports Story — December 2022
If you liked Golf Story, then you’ll be pleased to know its follow-up, Sports Story, will be out next month. Like Golf Story, Sports Story defies a succinct explanation. Yes, it’s a game about playing all kinds of sports sports, but there’s so much more, like fighting monsters, exploring ruins, and of course, fishing.


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