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Web Applications – Amazing Workz design and development advantage

We are one of India’s premium web design & web development company, we are based in Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad and Bangalore.

For 7 years AmazingWorkz has provided awesome website design and content management solutions to over 250 organisations across the globe.

Our services include: web design, mobile & responsive design, content management, search engine optimisation and website hosting, all backed with the very best of website aftercare and service in the business. Along with that we also provide cloud hosting and services implementation. Our own Technical Manager, Prasad Sahani is an experienced System Architect who handle projects on AWS(Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure.

We are a fully equipped digital design and development agency providing creative design and UX, web development, content management and digital marketing solutions for all types of companies – we develop all this under our roof.

Branding and strategic thinking

When others just focus application features and design elements, we at our studio look out for the brand’s overall persona and requirements in which the website can actually be the tool for your business. Our analysis team plays an important role in planning and developing the right strategy for your website or rather web application.

Creative designing

All our web design projects are handled by our senior creative team which ensures that your business gets exactly what is required in your niche. Our design and content team consists of the cool dude Creative Head, highly educated Design Guru and an awesome Copywriter – collectively their experience amounts to a good web application each time.

Coding and Technology

We at Amazing Workz are addicted to new technology and platforms, we always learn and teach each other on new technologies. Our hard working developers are always updated with the latest standards and technology innovations on any medium. We do this to ensure that the web applications and websites we develop are always at par on terms of technology and security.

Marketing your website

Today’s websites need traffic and result good on search engine results. This is the need of the time. Our experts follow the trends and will optimize your websites to provide the desired results and our digital marketing team helps us build websites that ranks amazingly well on all leading search engines and perform well on social media. We can also build great microsites that converts well for you.

Website maintenance

Similar to any machinery, web applications and websites also need maintenance. Many may ignore once the web application is ready, but to get optimum performance and good search engine rankings we always suggest to have a maintenance agreement. When you have a website maintenance agreement with us we do it all for you without any hassles at your end.

Here at Amazing Workz Studios we can build any sort of website, be it static, dynamic, e-commerce, custom web application, blog or whatever you name it.

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