valentine's day special

Valentine’s Day Special – the festival of marketing love

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Valentine’s day has always been special for many, be it for young or old lovers/couples or product & services companies. It is a special time for people sharing and caring and also for people selling different products in the name of love. Whether you are planning for a special time with your loved one or want to stay back in your room with plans of candle light dinner. There are… Read More »Valentine’s Day Special – the festival of marketing love

comprehensive list of design trends 2020

A comprehensive list of Design Trends 2020

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This is the fifth year in a row that we are publishing our predictions about design trends for the coming year. The positive response we had in the last years inspired us to keep exploring and analyzing new trends in the major design fields. Although most trends are those of last year that have evolved, in 2020 we have some new trends worth pursuing.   The most important tendencies are… Read More »A comprehensive list of Design Trends 2020

Brand awareness is a measure of how familiar a consumer is with your brand.

Your ultimate guide to brand awareness

Can you imagine a world where nobody had ever heard of brands like Coca Cola, Kelloggs or Bandaids? These companies have become so synonymous with the products they sell (soda, cereal, and bandages, respectively) that they’re permanently etched into consumer culture. But even if your product or service doesn’t have the same universal appeal as these household names, brand awareness is still extremely important. After all, if your target audience… Read More »Your ultimate guide to brand awareness