Brand awareness

Brand awareness is a measure of how familiar a consumer is with your brand.

Your ultimate guide to brand awareness

Can you imagine a world where nobody had ever heard of brands like Coca Cola, Kelloggs or Bandaids? These companies have become so synonymous with the products they sell (soda, cereal, and bandages, respectively) that they’re permanently etched into consumer culture. But even if your product or service doesn’t have the same universal appeal as these household names, brand awareness is still extremely important. After all, if your target audience… Read More »Your ultimate guide to brand awareness

Conversational Marketing

Conversational Marketing, Social Media & Words That Work

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Between GDPR updates and falling reach on Facebook, marketers are in a tailspin. Now more than ever, we need to know what types of posts draw attention on Facebook, and we need to build our strategies around them. For those used to thinking in terms of tactics and tricks, this news may come as a relief: Relax, love and humanity are the keys! Those two big ideas need to be communicated… Read More »Conversational Marketing, Social Media & Words That Work