What is Google Cloud SDK? Why is it needed?

In simple words, Google Cloud SDK (Software Development Kit), can be explained as a set of tools which are used to manage applications and resources that are hosted on a Google Cloud Platform. It is Google equivalent of Amazon Web Services CLI. It enables secure interface to Google Cloud Platform for managing and monitoring. These tools are highly recommended to automate most of the basic tasks for

What is Google Cloud SDK? Why is it needed?: Essential tools for Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud SDK includes the gsutil, gcloud, and bq command line tools. It can be used to access various Google Cloud products and services like Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, BigQuery, and others from the command-line interface. The gcloud command-line tool is downloaded by default with the Cloud SDK.

One of the best feature is Cloud SDK emulators for Cloud Pub/Sub and Cloud Datastore which enable you to simulate Google Cloud services in your local environment for development, testing, and validation purposes.

What is Google Cloud SDK? Why is it needed?


Why use Google Cloud SDK?

Essentially many of the enterprises would automate monotonous mundane tasks to manage their infrastructure. Tools like Google Cloud SDK help developers and admins to automate such processes.

How to install the SDK?

Google Cloud SDK can be run on all platforms – Windows, Linux(Debian/Ubuntu/Red Hat/CentOS), and macOS and requires Python 2.7.x.

You may choose the best suited SDK based on your platform here: Google Cloud SDK Quickstarts

Some specific tools within the Google Cloud SDK might have further necessities like Java tools used for the development of Google App Engine needs Java 1.7 or the later one. Also, I would recommend that you install the Python bundled with the SDK as the latest Python version 3.x.x.

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